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Acid! (part 2)

Posted on by Lee Richmond

It came along slowly. The first thing I noticed was that colors were brighter … but then, colors were brighter after I smoked pot, too. However, this time they kept getting brighter! and brighter!! until I realized that I had never actually seen blue before. It was absolutely an amazing color!   For that matter, I had [...]

Acid! (part 1)

Posted on by Lee Richmond

On a March evening, we were sitting around the Apartment (Bill, Clif & Marty’s place) smoking pot and listening to Miles Davis.   ”I’m about ready for another acid trip.”   ”Yeah, me too. What about Lee? Should we bring Lee along?”   ”Yeah, Lee’s cool.”   It was a great honor to be ‘cool’ in this group. Deep [...]

The Haight

Posted on by Lee Richmond

As a Chronicle copyboy, my wages were better, and I moved to a one-room apartment in the Haight-Ashbury District. This would turn out to be an historic move, though at the time it just seemed like a welcome relief from the Tenderloin wino hotel.    Gary already lived in “the Haight,” as it was known, [...]